Time cooking

Might have missed it but why is there a BIG difference in the cook times? Not temp, but duration.
Temp might be 130 degree but it shows 1 1/2 to 4 hours. Big difference. Is it cook to tenderness?
How do you know that without opening up the sealed bag?
Not wanting to overcook or under cook (tough).

Pieces of meat vary in thickness and quality.

Tine is not of such importance with sous vide cooking. At least not with most things. The higher time is potentially the longest to cook before the texture starts to degrade. The shorter is obviously the minimum time for temperature to reach the centre.

But taste is a subjective thing and each piece of meat is different, as I said. Most people will aim for something in the middle to start with.


@Ember is correct. A longer cook time will break down proteins further. Also, thickness and quality may also influence cook time.

Scroll a little bit in this guide, it may provide further clarity on cook times.