Time/temp chart WITH tickness?

Hi all,

I can find several Anova Charts/guides, but it rarely states for what kind of thickness this is related to.
For example “pork chops” are 2"/5cm, but the standard tickness I can find in the shop is less then 1"/2.5cm ?!
I can always ask to cut a thicker piece, but this is more a general Question… what kind of temp/time should i choose when I buy a piece of meat with tickness = X

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Hi, The most important thing if you are cooking thinner pieces is that the cook time will definitely be shorter. You do not want to over cook them, but knowing the exact time/temp is hard.

I found this article and it might be able answer some of your questions. I will do some more research though!


I found this guide online…


I thought the Anova App would ask me about the thickness and set the time/temp accordingly

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One of the great things about the Anova is the time, especially for pork, chicken, steak, etc, isn’t super important! If you are finding a recipe for 2" thick chop that calls for 2 hours and you can only find a 1"thick , you can still cook for 2 hours and be just fine. Until you start cooking for hours too long, you really aren’t going to notice any bad effects.