Does searing and grilling affecting the quality?

can someone shed some lights to me please. After sous-vide, usually it shall follows by searing or grilling to give the meat a nice and flavorful mail-lard or browning outside. Since the SV already at the optimum temperature we want, just curious by doing the high temperature searing and grilling or perhaps torching it at 1900 degree, does it further cooking the meat? though it is merely a 1 to 2 minutes per side? Some even put the already SV brisket to the oven for another couple of hours.


Yes, it certainly can. That’s why you see a lot of first-timers get discouraged the first time that they cook steak - they often use too thin of a cut and the steak is much more done than desired.

You’re really looking to minimize the time that you’re searing, as this will continue to cook the meat.

Some have had really good results by taking their meat from the sous vide after it’s done, plunging it into an ice bath briefly (say 5-10 minutes?) to stop the cooking and start to cool, then remove from the bag, pat it dry and do their sear - either in a blistering hot cast iron pan or similarly hot grill or searing station - torches can help minimize the time - allowing you to cook the sides and the top while the bottom is being seared by the pan.

Sous vide gives you the meat cooked to the level of doneness you desire - the finishing aspect is where you’ll gain experience and need to exercise some skill.

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thank you for your invaluable information and experience shared. definitely very helpful mate!
i shall try your recommended method by soaking it into the icy bath and finish it by searing or grilling.
once again thanks.

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