Dog Food (or Cat Food)???

I have heard of boiling chicken and rice to make dog food at home. My wife has our husky/lab spoiled and eating Peak (Rachel Ray) dog food in the evenings. I was wondering if anyone has started making their own dog or cat food (we have both) and if it is more cost effective and guessing it is healthier. I would like to get recipes and have my younger son (the foodie) make some food for our dog &/or cats.

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I seem to recall a couple of others were doing sous vide food for dogs with allergies or weight issues. Have a look through the forum history, or do a search on dog food and see what comes up.

This is 1.5 kg of each:
Chicken necks
Chicken guts
Through the meatgrinder

Also 1.5 kg of heart cut into chunks.

75 degrees Celcius for 3 hours and on 3 bags.

This is how much it’s appreciated…

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