Bag Juices added to dry dog food?

Hey all, I was wondering if the juice in the Sous Vide bag from cooking steak at 137 degrees would be safe and/or healthy to dribble on my dog’s dry food to give her a little extra flavor rather than just dumping it down the drain?

I know you can use it to make sauces and stuff to go with the food, but I was just curious as to if it would be okay for her.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Sure. You can do that. The bag juices are essentially essence of whatever you cooked.

Personally, I prefer to eat that yummy meat essence myself. I clarify it by bringing it to a simmer and straining off the congrled proteins then add the fluid to whatever sauce I’m putting together.

Some dogs are more sensitive to things like this than others. Age of the dog is also a factor. Some older dogs cannot handle richer foods.

You can try it and see.

And keep in mind how you seasoned it. If you used a lot of salt for instance you might want to take that into consideration.