Your favorite way to use the juice from sous vide?

Wondering what everyone does with the excess meat juice from their cook?

I know that @RichardOL makes bomb gravy - his recent topic about it is here.

As for myself, I don’t do anything special with it. I just end up pouring it over my meat and whatever side I have.

I use it for a sous jus. Depending on amount of fluid and fat content of it settling or straining may be rquired. Sometimes used with an alcohol like red wine or sherry. Have also used it to make mushroom or onion sauce or gravy for roasts.

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I normally strain it and reduce a little and add back on top for more flavor. Sometimes adding a bit of butter adds to the richness.

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I pour it into popsicle molds, freeze them and give them out on hot summer days.

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Heh @acs - if the folks you were handing it out to were dogs, I could certainly see that as a delightful summertime treat! :slight_smile:

The other thought I had on freezing is that it would actually be a good way to save this for another day…maybe you’re on a diet…want to save this for another time (as the jus has a high fat and moisture content, it will freeze quite well!!)

Definitely need to make this into gravy. Whether you’re using a starch or a flour, it doesn’t take much time in a saucepan to turn your jus into something wonderful. Adding a little red wine or sherry can add just enough contrast and depth to enrich its addition to your meal.

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@fischersd It actually does freeze quite well. In seriousness, I typically run it through a tea strainer screen to remove particulate matter and spices, then add it to a jar that is stored in the freezer (different jars for different meats). When it gets to a level that is enough to do something with, I typically will thaw it, skim it and reduce it. From there, typically it gets used as the stock component in one of the mother sauces.


Use the cooking juices to maximize your meals. I frequently pre-sear the meat (pork, seafood, beef, poultry). I add finely chopped onion and garlic to the pan, and cook until the garlic just begins to brown. After the meat it done cooking sous vide, I add the cooking juices to the pan, along with 1/2 C dry vermouth. After reducing to about 1/2 over high heat, I add 1 T brown mustard, and 1T butter, stirring briskly. As the first tablespoon of butter melts, I add a second, and. then a third. This is a fantastic sauce that can be spooned over the meat as it is served. It’s as close to heaven as possible!

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@okeithp I can imagine how good that tastes like!!!