drip tray overflow

Recently, when using the sous vide function overnight I awoke to water all over the counter. I dried the tray before I went to bed. I had a pork shoulder in a bag and the settings were 165F, sous vide on, 20 hours. Is there something wrong with my oven or is not unusual for the drip tray to overflow when the oven runs overnight?

Never had that problem. But I have never used a bag in the oven.

Have you used the sous vide function at that relatively high temp for a period of longer than 12 hours?

Funny you should ask: My oven has made pork shoulder a complete revelation.

I have learned a lot from @Chatnoir, maybe the most important of which is that fat renders out at 150+ degrees. So, when I do pork shoulder, it’s 18 hours at 148 degrees, 100% steam, for about 18 hours. Then it’s six hours on the smoker. The result is the most tender, juicy, and flavorful pork I have ever eaten. At 148 degrees, very little fat runs out, and all connective tissue dissolves. If I don’t truss the raw shoulder, it falls completely apart between the oven and the smoker.

So, not that long at that high temp, but a little shorter at a little cooler. I drained the tray before I went to bed, but it never really threatened to overflow.


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