Electrocution Risk?


I just got my new anova unit. Very impressed with the packaging, love the looks of it. Now to my question, should I be concerned to touch the water and get zapped? I know that it might sound stupid but we are pretty much contemplating the thing after it os connected, we are terrified of touching it.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this subject!

@johnybgood Great question! You won’t get zapped if you touch the water or the device while it’s operating, just make sure it’s secured to the vessel with the cord attachment safely away from the water. Like any appliance, you shouldn’t allow your Precision Cooker to be fully submerged while plugged in.

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It’s no more likely to zap you than any other electrical appliance that heats water (think coffee pot or hot pot). The risk is that if you were to drop the unit in the water you would probably destroy the electronics in the head part. A unit not plugged in has a higher likelihood of surviving a dunking (assuming you fish it out quickly and dry it off) than one that is plugged in. For this reason I usually:

  1. Fill my cooking vessel and place it on a non-slip rubberized trivet.
  2. Attach the clamp securely to the vessel.
  3. Slide the precision cooker into the sleeve on the clamp.
  4. Secure the precision cooker.
  5. Plug the unit in.
I do the reverse when putting the unit away.

If you are still worried, you can always be sure to plug the unit into a GFCI protected electrical outlet. These days in the US, kitchen outlets are generally GFCI protected if they represent (relatively) new construction.

Putting an electrical item in a bag with dry rice will get rid of the water completely. Works most of the time even if you accidently launder an ipod.