Expected delivery


I saw the other question asking about delivery, but all that was replied was “on time”. Can we get an estimate as to how far off delivery is? (Mid October, Late October, Early November? etc etc)

Late October. We’re working on an update for this week.

My birthday today… Was really hoping to receive it in time. Will have to “make do” with my previous gen Anova :wink:

Hey Shane, at least you have a repvious model. I’m sitting around drooling over recipes I plan to try when I get mine… le sigh… :smiley:

Yeahh, I’m drooling/waiting here too, with no alternatives but to wait :slight_smile:

Lots of drool now its mid-October!

Please see our latest update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/anova/anova-precision-cooker-cook-sous-vide-with-your-ip/posts/1017351