I feel as if I've been unfairly treated

I paid for an oven on January 11th [I live in the UK] and was promised 3 - 6 days delivery. When this failed, after quite a bit of effort on my part I had a reply saying that delivery would be mid February. I’ve now had an email saying that orders would be shipped out on April 5th - 12 weeks after payment. Yet the email also said that orders are now being shipped out to their warehouses without explaining why there then had to be a further wait until April. Have other customers had the same kind of negative experience?
And what I’m really dreading is getting an email in March saying that delivery would be in August, and so on. I assumed from the reviews I saw that Anova were an ethical company but I’m starting to feel nervous.

I’d go for a refund and buy another brand. Doesn’t bode well for post sales service.

Thanks Geoff,
I agree about the sales service implications.
Unfortunately I can’t find a competing product anywhere near the price point so will need to think about it. It would have been sensible if they’d set up a link with an accountable UK distributor but I guess cutting out the middleman is common sense - until you need one!
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Hey Sean,

Sorry to hear about your wait. They have a couple of issues they need to sort out, and they may be waiting for that to happen before they ship what they know will be a problem. The most common issue I have seen (and suffer from) is that the water tank plastic is not resistant to cracking when it has cool water inside and gets hit by steam. Many posts about the cracking, and mine finally developed a leak.

That said, honestly, even for a traditional cook like me, the oven is an amazing piece of kit. Everything gets hot faster, baking benefits from steam (actually, high humidity) enough so even my friends have noticed, and the ability to go from steam to broiler means leftovers always taste like first cooks. Totally worth the wait, for me. I’ve found a way to plug the cracks temporarily while I wait for my replacement tank, and I get the feeling it’ll be well into March before I see it.

Obviously, your mileage may vary, but I am a fan so far.


Hi Joe,
Thanks for that - I feel a bit more confident! In the UK Anova isn’t a well know company and I naturally felt nervous as money was taken very efficiently - it looks as if being out of their depth more closely fits the bill than bad faith.
Fingers crossed.
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Similar to Joe’s comments, I would say for anyone waiting on an order from Anova not to get discouraged and to have faith in the company. They seem to be dealing with what must be a welcome level of market success with the new oven, but also a number of challenges. As a brand new product it has some not unexpected “issues” and as the company addresses those, they are also facing delays in their supply chains for parts, the same delays that are affecting most manufacturers globally. I ordered my oven in October, received it in November and unfortunately it developed a problem with its steam function and needed to be replaced. Support from Anova was excellent and within less than three weeks of reporting the problem, I had a replacement oven which seems to be working well. (For anyone getting a new oven, KEEP THE BOX just in case!) Like Joe and many others, I love the oven and don’t want my kitchen to be without it! There is no other comparable product on the market. I think you can have confidence in the company - but it’s a waiting game right now to get delivery on products. Frustrating for sure, but in my experience well worth it!

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Thanks so much for this - I did get a supportive email from Anova explaining the situation. It looks to me like a very enthusiastic start up that maybe didn’t fully anticipate the technical and logistical problems that could happen when a new hi-tech product is made so far away. As Anova is a well-established firm, and the feedback I’ve seen on the forum has been positive, I’m happy to wait for the moment.
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Yeah I ordered min in August last year with delivery supposed to have occured in December. Half way through December I got an email saying Feb. Then nothing untill I got in touch with them in January. At that point I was told Mid Feb. Then nothing, it’s almost the end of Feb and still no idea what is happening, getting really over the lack of communication.

Where are you located @Hebari?

Sydney Australia

Ah. I’m in Canada, so I can’t say my experience with ordering would compare.

I don’t know if you have received your oven yet, but I’m wondering if the issue is where it is coming from. I live in the US. Mine was ordered on a Sunday, and it was here by Wednesday. I didn’t even request expedited shipment. I was ok w regular shipment which was listed as Friday of that same week. I ordered mine in mid-late March. Hope issues get cleared up soon if they haven’t already!

I suspect that is the case – along with getting stock in from China. I’m in Canada, and it took about five weeks – most of that waiting for the ovens to arrive in North America.

Glad to say he oven has arrived and is very impressive. Quite a steep learning curve - I still haven’t worked out how to use the app to sous vide and roast a chicken. I got the sous vide done via the phone yesterday but the option to then sear the chicken disappeared! Could it have timed out? And I’d be really grateful if there is an online instruction manual!