Does Anova customer support team exist?

Put off by the delays in shipping my oven and the discouraging number of issues other owners are having, I’ve been trying to cancel my order for a week. No response to my emails to the Support team at all. Any tips on how to get a response on order change issues? Phone better?

For context, I was an early adopter of Anova’s precision cooker, so know how things go with a startup, I’d assumed things had changed by now,


I’ve had interactions with support on the oven.

If you are trying to cancel I’d call. If that doesn’t work you can call your credit card company.

That said, I think you should wait for your oven and try it out. You can always return it. Works well overall.

Appreciate the reply, thanks!

If it helps my original ship date was the 12th and got pushed back to the 26th. But it shipped the 16th.

Hey Shaun. So sorry for the delay. Customer support is a little backed up right now. The team will followup with you ASAP!

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Thank you. If my order ships in a week when I’ve been trying to cancel for days and I then need to receive and return it, I will be very unhappy.

Why not just try it, you have 100 days to return? People are generally going to voice issues/concerns versus those where it’s working well. I posted here with an issue heating to 212F, likely due to altitude, but otherwise it’s been a flawless experience for me, and I’m very happy with the product. I wouldn’t let the posts here really sway your order unless you really don’t want it anymore.

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After promising signs with an email from support, Anova has one again dropped off the radar and nothing for a couple of days - sigh - so much promise and so little follow through.

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Hi Shaun. CS will follow up as soon as they can. Sorry for the delay.

Still no reply and no luck getting my order cancelled. Buyer beware.