returns taking much too long

I have two Anovas purchased directly from your site, and am baffled and disappointed with the service that I have received from Anova with respect to these. Three issues:

(1) One of these was an order which was delayed prior to shipping for over ten days because of a problem at your warehouse - no notification to me, BTW. Cleared up by a customer service rep finally, but not soon enough for my travel date to take it with me as a gift for an overseas relative.

(2) I now need to return both units to Anova. Both so far NIB, by the way. Now I learn it takes days for Anova to authorize return requests. Every other merchant who I deal with can handle this in minutes - I cant think of a single reason why this can’t be sped up with a well managed back office operation

(3) I called in to Anova today to see if I could get this return authorization sped up as I’m out of patience staring at boxes in my entryway that need to go back, and don’t want my cash tied up any longer (which raises the question of whether you take care of refunds equally slowly?).

Second rep handles this beautifully, but not after my first call to your support is handled by a rep - Laeticia? - who first tells me that nothing can be done, then tells me that I have to wait for a call back during what is now my workday from a supervisor, since I requested one, and finally hangs up on me when I say I’ll wait.

Not ok, Anova. If you want to sell direct, make sure you have the customer service to handle it.

Hi Mike,

This is a user forum where we mostly discuss cooking using our Anova cookers. It’s not really monitored by Anova employees. You probably need to contact support directly. Best of luck!

I think this link will submit a request to support: