Non-existent customer serivce?

Hi everyone.

I have been a big fan of sous vide ever since I have worked as a waiter in a top restaurant.

This year I decided I will surprise myself with a SV for Christmas and going through a lot of YT videos I went with the Anova.

A couple days back I got an email saying they have a discount if you order the Anova Precision Cooker with a base so I did that. Obviously I had to pay upfront which is fine.

But it has been a couple days already and my order is still showing as “Processing” which can mean anything, from just receiving it to already shipping I guess?

I tried contacting customer service after a couple of days but they have not replied yet. What is the usual reply time for them? This is getting a bit worrying now :confused:

Hmm. Not sure why you would be worried? It’s not like they’re a startup or a seller on Aliexpress. :). They’re a small company based in the Bay Area of California.

I was hoping that when Electrolux acquired Anova, we would have seen more development and support resources added to the company. They’ve been chronically under-staffed in these areas for several years.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen an up-tick in support levels - it’s hit and miss. I am glad to see that the newest versions of the app for the APC have been very reliable though. :slight_smile:

Rest assured, you’ll get your order - if it was a Black Friday promotion, I’m thinking they’re likely backlogged, but it will hopefully ship shortly!! :slight_smile: If you haven’t gotten an update by the end of the week, I’d be tempted to e-mail or call them to see if you can get an update. (see the support link at the top of the page for those contact options).

I also ordered the one with the base and they said to me, that the base isnt in stock, but didnt tell me when it will be back in stock. I really hope it arrives until christmas :confused:

EDIT: I got an email today - it got sent out! :slight_smile:

Unusual. My communications with Anova here in Australia has been exceptional, particularly when replacing my faulty unit which was over three years old…

Yep, exactly the same situation here. 2 weeks since I ordered, 1 week since I sent an email about said order and I’m yet to hear anything at all.
For a premium product I would expect a certain level of customer service.
To say I’m disappointed is an understatement

I was communicating with support last week about an issue with the precision oven. Okay, they did not pick up the ticket within 24h, took may be 2 days, but once they responded - communication was very good. I had several e-mails back and forth from Sunday night to mid-day Monday. “Could you do this? - here’s the results - How about this? - Here - Okay, we need to replace it”.
So the least I can say is - CS does exist.

Same here for me. I ordered during the Cyber Monday promotion back on Nov 30 and my order is still “processing” after over 2 weeks. Now I’m worried that the Christmas gift that I bought won’t arrive at all!