Waiting 4 months for replacement unit and STILL not received

My Anova Pro sous vide machine broke down last year (it stopped being able to heat up) and Anova Support committed to providing a replacement last December. I have waited for 4 months now and every time I follow up on this, they say there is no replacement unit available. This sounds frankly ridiculous given they are selling new units on their website globally without issue. Also, I have just lost 4 months of my warranty period and counting. In the meantime, I am stuck without a sous vide unit despite paying the premium for a Pro unit (which by the way has broken down and been replaced a number of times now, each time for a different reason). It is clear they can and should do something about this, but they aren’t. I am surprised they are allowing this issue to persist and it goes against their reputation for good customer service.

Does anyone have a similar issue with their replacements?