UK delivery - Any update?

This week is supposed to be the week when UK deliveries are dispatched. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about their orders yet. The pessimistic part of me expects an email this week telling me dispatch has been pushed back a month, possibly with a Suez related reason?

I received this 2 days ago

“Please be informed that your order will be forwarded to the courier within the week. You’ll receive your tracking details once your order has been shipped”.

Like you, I am a bit sceptical, but let’s see what happens.

@morganr UPDATE - Received this email this morning

We wanted to reach out with a couple of updates on your Anova Precision Oven order.

First, your Anova Oven will be immediately shipping from our Netherlands warehouse, and you should receive tracking information within the next 1-2 business days.

Our second update is that due to changing import regulations outside of our control, we are going to refund your VAT paid on the original order, and should have it completed within the next 3-7 business days.

However, this means that you will receive a customs & duties bill from the delivery carrier and will be responsible for associated customs & duties costs.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience. Please reach out to us by replying to this email if you have any comments, questions or concerns.

Team Anova

I had this too. Very odd and my assumption is 1-2 weeks for actual delivery. Assume we can blame Brexit!

It will be interesting to see what the duties will be. My guess is it will be more then the VAT.

Please keep us updated. Would like to find out how much taxes on top.

It should be 20% VAT + 2% country charge + £11 DHL handling charge. The HMRC site is not that easy to navigate, so I could be wrong, but will update when DHL contact me.

Thank you!

Ive had dispatch link from dhl but nothing else yet. Says expected 13-19 April

I joined today to post that I received my shipment notification, but also the message that told me about the VAT and customs charges.

I’ve deliberated whether to cancel my order many times over the last 4 months or so, given the delays. I’m particularly angry about this sudden customs duty notification on the day of shipment.

Is there any recourse for me to decline delivery?

Please contact You can return your oven anytime within 100-days of delivery if you would like.

£103.77 which is the VAT + £11 DHL handling charge.

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@BlueThunder71 My guess is that if you were to pay the import duty, Anova would not refund that if you returned the oven. Maybe @colewagoner could let you know.

It brings the total to £710 all inclusive :neutral_face:

Anova are going to refund the VAT element that you have already paid them. This is supposed to happen within the next week.

The eagle has landed, unboxed and just about to get used to it.

Looks like mine might be today too. DHL says ‘Out with courier’. enjoy your first cook!

First bake in the APO today

I’ve just received a VAT demand, admin fees and handling tax on the device I ordered in January when I paid VAT.

I understand Brexit made this a minefield, but I should not have been charged US/ EU tax.

To all U.K. residents DHL will send you a demand which gives 7 days to pay or else…

@Joe1 You should have had an email saying the VAT paid to Anova will be refunded.