UK VAT Refund

Can someone please tell me when we can expect the VAT refund. Possibly @colewagoner

I received this in an email on 9th April

“Our second update is that due to changing import regulations outside of our control, we are going to refund your VAT paid on the original order, and should have it completed within the next 3-7 business days”.

It is now the 4th May. When can I expect this refund? Your silence on this matter is deafening.

Hey Nic! Please email and the team can assist ASAP


Email from Anova support

We’ve checked on the refund details and an amount of £91.66 is set to be refunded on your card that ends in ****.

It appears that some customers are also reporting a delay in their refund. Our Finance team is aware of this and are working on making sure to get customers their refunds. Kindly allow a week or two for the refund to reflect on your statement. I’ll also keep you posted if there are updates from our finance team.

We appreciate your time and patience on this matter.

@colewagoner I did as you suggested and still no refund