UK VAT on APO and base price differences between countries,

UK VAT on APO and base price differences between countries,

Hi all, I am in the process of researching this item before buying it and tempted though I am, I’m somewhat dismayed by the reports I’ve read about Anova’s EU base charging UK customers VAT and the last post on one thread said that Anova weren’t refunding the VAT even though the item is advertised to EU customers as including tax. I have no doubt that this is a quality product and my hesitance is not about affordability. Initially, I just wanted to be sure I understood what my ‘real’ outlay would be and now, after researching* and reading various posts here and elsewhere, I am not at all happy about the way UK customers are being treated inequitably. (*I even spoke to HMRC and a few import/export logistics companies and they couldn’t understand or explain why VAT is being charged in the EU because companies would/should be aware that UK consumers will be required to pay Import VAT plus Customs Duty before they can receive the goods. The goods should be ‘zero rated’ at the point of sale in the EU when being ‘consumed’ by a UK based customer.) I intend writing to Anova’s CEO about this and I would be really interested to hear your experience of dealing with Anova.

Hi. I ordered before we left the EU and received my oven after. Anova gave me a full refund on the EU tax within a week, but I have seen posts from others who had more trouble. Anova’s customer service has been hit a miss for me.

When it comes to actual oven, I really like it but wouldn’t recommend it yet. It’s still buggy and I’ve had to have the water tank replaced.

Thanks for your message - much appreciated. I’ve been doing a lot of research about the whole VAT issue; I couldn’t get a direct answer from HMRC except to say they don’t understand why Anova should charge VAT. Most of the info on-line is geared towards businesses so finding information for consumers is like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, from what I have learned fromUK and EU websites (and a whole host of ‘legal’ stuff), Anova shouldn’t be charging VAT at the point of sale. I had a VERY long talk to a senior manager at Anova but he’s based in the US and I think one major problem is that people in the States don’t understand the EU/UK Trade Agreement (only about 1100 pages - light reading :rofl:) or the VAT implications. I take your point about the APO being ‘buggy’, it is a little concerning so I will give serious thought to if/when I press the ‘buy’ button. :+1:

Must admit I was considering buying too, but not with the current VAT situation.

I hope Anova will set up a UK warehouse in the future to avoid the risk of not knowing what you will end up paying…… for me, that is the biggest issue the unknowns of what you will actually be charged, above the website price listed.

I know exactly what you mean - I am so tempted to push the ‘buy’ button. It bugs me that they seem to operate differential pricing depending on where you live. I can accept different taxes & shipping but the base price varies by about 21% with the UK* being the most expensive (*at least as far as I can ascertain). The ‘add on costs’ are over £200 at present and it’s unclear how the UK price will reflect some of these costs when they eventually establish a UK base - in “a few months”, but that could mean anything. The treatment of VAT is another thing that REALLY annoys me. Anova charge sales VAT knowing that Import VAT (plus Customs Duty and the DHL handling fee - both of which attract extra VAT) will be applied when goods come into the UK. They should not be charging VAT at the point of purchase - even if they ‘eventually’ refund it. I had a 4 hour+ on-line ‘chat’ first with Anova customer “success team” (aka customer services - heaven knows who dreamed that title!) then I ‘spoke’ to a senior manager. The really don’'t understand how VAT is supposed to be applied/processed post Brexit. I have looked for alternative countertop ovens and can’t find anything that does what this can do. The other issue is the ‘bugs’ i.e. water tank cracking, wifi connection difficulties and poor quality accessories supplied with it.

Hi all, just a quick update … I finally purchased an APO a couple of weeks ago. I did pay Tax/VAT at the point of sale/purchase in the Netherlands and again when the goods entered the UK. I waited a couple of weeks to see if I received an automatic refund and decided to contact Customer Services today to request one as I hadn’t received any notification of anything. I am happy to report that I received a VERY prompt and postive response from David Liu (Customer Success manager) stating that he had processed my refund. 10/10 for the prompt and positive reponse.

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