Incorrect 15A plug used on Australian APO

I suspect I’m one of the first Australian to unpack the APO and I discovered they’ve used the 15A plug on the oven, that doesn’t of course work with our normal power points, is this the case for everyone else?


Me too, received it a few minutes and couldn’t plug it in. Have you contacted Anova support yet?

Have indeed, they seem to be working off NYC business hours. I will see if they get back to us overnight.

You can get adapters to make the plug work, none are cheap though -

I’ve been waiting for years to use this oven. :frowning:

I’m in the same boat. Preordered in November. Arrived a couple hours ago, same issue. Very disappointed! Contacting support now.

I have the same problem - so disappointing. I contacted support yesterday and received a reply this morning stating that “I am so sorry about the plug. We are investigating the issue right now, it is our top priority. We’re hoping to have more clarity by the end of the day tomorrow.”

We just received our oven and we too have the incorrect plug. Disappointing.

Same thing here. We got the same email. In the meantime, everyone should give a 1 star review. I tried that yesterday before I registered, it disappeared. I’ll try again.

The label on the underside of the oven says 220-240v 2000W-2400W. That means it only needs a standard 10 Amp plug.

Let them deal with the issue, send it back, get a new unit with the correct plug. Don’t use an adapter or modify the plug yourselves.

My review went up this time.

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I’m so disappointed! Finally received the oven today after months of waiting. It was supposed to be my birthday present last year. Now I’ve unpacked it and the plug is wrong. Not of Australian standard. How much more time do I need to wait? What’s going on with Anova?

My 1 star review has disappeared…

Just unpacked mine and found that the plug has a larger earth point. It’s supposed to be safer…but most households only have 10a power points…
I was so eager to use it!
Very disappointed that I’m not able to use it today :slightly_frowning_face:


I got mine yesterday and extremely disappointed. I have a 15A outlet in my garage. I was so eager to try it out I used it to see what it was like but I wanted this oven in my kitchen and only have 10A outlets…
Extremely disappointed as I’ve been waiting for months to receive this Oven !!!
I have contacted Anova and they are investigating it apparently. Hopefully they do a recall on all the units with the 15A plug and replace them with a 10A power plug. The only issue I have is when we send them back how long will we have to wait until a new unit gets shipped out ? I’ve supported Anova for many years now so hopefully they do the right thing for all the inconvenience.

This would probably take an electrician 5 minutes to fix.
I’m not looking forward to waiting weeks or months for a fix.
I was so excited to receive my new oven

Just made the same discovery. SO ANNOYED!!!

Ordered this oven back in September for December delivery, finally arrives, and now this. Waiting to hear back from Anova.

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Hi Paulo

Yes, I have just unpacked mine and have found the same issue. I’m also disappointed there does not seem to be a contact number for Australia. The Toll Free number does not work.

This is a very bad oversight by Anova and should not have been allowed to happen.

What have you done to try and get a solution? I have written on the contact page but to be honest, don’t expect a reply.

Disappointed does not cover how I feel.

HI Steve2

Did you get your clarity?



If they do a recall they will be paying me for new packaging, cost of freight etc. As we sometimes do we get excited and destroy the packaging to get to the product. I have done this, not expecting a careless error like we have, and don’t have anything else to pack it in for return. There are also apparently no Australian outlets or phone number I can contact.

Very angry about this

No Matt, haven’t received clarity, or any other information/correspondence yet. Not quite 6pm in USA west coast so their deadline has not yet been reached.

Yes we are all disappointed ! I placed an order the day they went live and have been waiting for 7 months for the oven to arrive. I just received a email before regarding the issue.

#anovafoodnerd family,

“We’re receiving reports that your new Anova Precision Oven plug may not be compatible your household outlet configuration. The Oven has an attached 15A plug (with taller grounding pin) and for a significant portion of our users, this configuration may not work.

In the coming week, we’ll be providing details on both short term and long term solutions for your oven, up to and including a full exchange to a 10 Amp plug.

If you’d like to modify or cancel your order, please reach out to us by replying to this email with your order number, and we’ll take care of you right away.

We are all excited about the Anova Precision Oven and we will make every effort to get you cooking as possible”


Team Anova

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Me as well. It’s very frustrating.

Is anyone going to go with an exchange ? Is it possible if they can ship a replacement oven with the correct plug type and we can put the 15A oven in the replacement packaging and ship it back ? I have the box but not all the foam and plastic that was in the box. I’m lucky to have a 15A socket in the garage but that isn’t a long term solution as I want the oven in my kitchen. Going to contact support and see how long the exchange process will take and how to go about it. As mentioned I’d be very disappointed if I have to wait months again for another unit :slightly_frowning_face: