Filet mignon

I have to cook six 6 oz filets to medium rare. How would the time change for 6 beef filets? Time? How long do you think they will hold at medium rare. Trying to plan for a party and will need to hold them for maybe an hour or more. Thanks.

How thick? How will you finish them?

Probably about 1.5 inches. I’d like to put a quick seat on them with my black stone griddle. Figured I’d get the best heat there, get them all done at the same time and with the high heat they won’t need long. Thanks for asking. Tough to find info for a larger quantity of streaks.

R, all the same thickness, then no time change. All SV cook for the same amount of time according to thickness at 131ᴼF for Medium-Rare filets. 2 to 4 hours will do you. Hold for as long as you like up to 4 hours in total time, but why not adjust your starting time to accommodate your meal time?

2 steaks or 12, no SV cooking time difference in water. You need to forget your conventional cooking knowledge as it no longer applies for your SV cooking .

I used to love Fillet Mignon, because of the guaranteed tenderness.
But to be honest, I think it would probably be my last choice since I started using SV. I’d much rather use something with more marbling for flavor, and just cook it long enough to be as tender as I want it