Im a Sous Vide virgin Cooking Filet Mignon

I have 2 10oz Filets that we would like to cook. Medium Rare. Is their a specific guide for how much time is needed say to 13degrees F. ?


This will be dependant on the thickness of your fillet Mignon…Medium rare I would cook at 129F (54C)

1in - 1 hour
1.5 in - 1.5 hours
2 in - 2 hours

I used this formula on New York Strip steak and worked out to perfection.

Maybe it’s just me, but 13°F sounds just a tad under-done. :sunglasses:

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Rick, the fillet mignon is one cut of meat that you might prefer to cook hot and fast instead of low and slow, particularly if you want to enjoy it done medium rare. The only problem with that cut of meat is that it is lacking in the flavour department so it usually needs a boost.

Just be aware that a NY strip steak is a more solid piece of meat and significantly benefits from an initial SV cook. Tenderloin, not so much, particularly if you serve it with a flavourable sauce.

If you are serving it for a celebration and want something extra special serve it napped with a béarnaise or choron sauce. Also, i like to serve that cut of meat on a crouton cut to the size of the steak. It makes it easy for your guests to enjoy every drop of flavour.

Thanks so much for the tip
Sorry I meant 130degrees F

This is a steer Filet and has more marbling…would that make a difference?

I do have 2 bone in rib eyes that I have…would those be better?

My pleasure to assist.

What’s better is always a consumer dependant question.
In my world, better for you will always be what you say it is.

Your rib eyes will be more favourable than filet, but more challenging to cook evenly medium rare because of the bone. So they are excellent candidates for SV. Let thickness be your time guide. Just don’t cook them longer than 4 hours.

Filet varies some in flavour mostly depending on its living conditions, breed, and feed. Have you had beef from exactly the same source before?
How was it?
I find it boring on its own. That’s why i prefer to serve it with a sauce.

Marbling impacts tenderness, but not by much in a filet.
It comes tender as it is.

If you don’t have one, a contact thermometer is quite useful in precisely measuring surface temperatures and they are cheap.
I got mine in my local gourmet kitchen emporium, Walmart.
It’s essential to get your surface heat up to at least 450F.
500F+ is better.
If cost is not a consideration, an infrared thermometer provides instant and accurate readings across any surface. I find them only useful in a commercial environment.

Happy cooking.

BTW: Regarding ‘steer filet’ having more marbling. Meat sold to the beef industry will 99% of the time be steer meat. A steer is a gelded bull. The male is used due to muscle mass. Very rarely you may get very cheap mince/ground beef of unknown origin which may be from an old cow which can no longer breed but such animals are usually sold to the petfood industry.

I’m new to this, too, but my brother-in-law is a chef and recommended a super hot sear for 60 seconds total, then chill. Bag with whole butter, rosemary, roasted garlic and shallots. Then butter baste ro warm up. That’s what I’m going to try tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes.