Sliced fillet

Ideas for sous vide fillet!!?

Wanting to serve beef fillet sliced from a joint rather than as steaks. Has anyone done this before sous vide? If so, what recipe/time and temperature works best? Picture is a piece of fillet similar to what I will be using. Would really appreciate your help and ideas!

Terry, welcome, and we just discussed this yesterday. See Cooking for a Dinner Party.

Beef tenderloin roasts are frequently cooked SV although i don’t know why when a chuck roast cooked at the high end of rare can be just as tender and likely more flavourful.

Best is a challenging requirement when asking for a recommendation when there are so many ways to cook an item.
Besides, you might not like what i consider best.
So rather than disappoint you, how do you like your filet cooked?

I suggest you look up at the top of this page and select Recipes and then enter Sous Vide Chateaubriand.

That recipe uses the cut of meat in your picture. You might want to season the roast with Montreal Steak Spice and let it rest lightly covered for a day in your refrigerator. Then cook precisely following the recipe except for the following minor adjustments:

The roasts in your photograph will require 2 to 4 hours SV cooking time.

Since you didn’t disclose your preferred degree of doneness, here’s a few recommendations:

For very rare, or bleu, cook at 120F

For restaurant rare, cook at 125F.

For medium-rare cook at 130F.

Of course you can also cook it badly using a higher temperature.

Now to finish by searing.
After patting the cooked roast dry with paper towels rub a little oil on all meat surfaces and season with more MSS. Rather than use olive oil to sear, use canola or avocado oil with their high smoke points.
Otherwise that Anova recipe will do you just fine.

This is Chef Blake I have cook professionally 45 years, he is absolutely right save your money I use mine for all the tougher meats from ribeye to brisket. I did a 4.5 lbs. point brisket last week 40 hrs. @ 131°F then a finish 3 hrs. indirect smoke W/ alder wood just season W/ S n’ P came out MR it was so tender our 92 old mom loved it. That what is so great about Sous Vide cooking. Good luck to your cooking and flame on!