Firmware 1.4.17 does not load

Used the update link on the Anova Oven app to update firmware from 1.2.10 to 1.4.17 but the update bombs out after a couple of seconds. My Son also has tried with his unit (he lives in another state) with exactly the same results. Looks like the upload has not been beta tested again.

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My experience with updating firmware (particularly not ANOVA!) is that they must be carefully done in sequence, as often a new version depends on aspects of the next previous version.

I had the same issue however it was able to update seamlessly 2 days ago. Perhaps a problem on the Anova FTP server. So far so good post update. Update took a minute or so.

Yeh all good now. Must have been a failure to connect to the server as you suggested. Problem solved.

I just got 1.4.17 too. Is there a changelog anywhere? What’s different?

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Nothing fun unfortunately