First sous vide brisket

so i’ve cooked a ton with my anova, and i have smoked all kinds of meats, but i hadn’t until now attempted to cook a decent bit of brisket without smoking. packaged weight was about 2.8kg.

check out my pics and description here:

since i wasnt using smoke, i used sodium nitrite to obtain the colour and flavour that you get with a “smoke ring”. kenji’s recipe suggests using cure #1, but as i am currently out (curing a heap of pork at the moment), i just used pure sodium nitrite, which is difficult to measure due to the small quantities, and as a result i nearly “smoke ringed” the meat all the way through. whoops.

its currently 10pm thursday my time, and midday saturday my parents are rocking over for lunch. i’m planning on serving them some delicious cole slaw, sharp mac and cheese, home made brioche buns, and the brisket. the piece of brisket in the pics is not what they are getting, that was just a small piece for our dinner. the rest will be smoked over pecan until a decent bark is formed.

super happy with how it turned out. thanks for listening. will likely submit again when i feed my parents a whole meal.


It does look good despite the red ring going almost all the way through.

How would you compare the texture to a traditionally smoked brisket?

I might cut one in half this year and try it both ways. The ones I get are quite large and I normally reserve them fro a party. Since size should not matter sous vide may be an easy way fro me to have it more often. Corned beef is also on my short list.

every bit as good, and super easy. strongly recommend you give it a go.

Niceeee work!