Follow all the instruction but the core of the steak is not hot enough

I love Anova alot, very convenience for prepare food, most of time I will use it for cooking steak (55.3 Degree for 45m) then finishing by using skillet. However, me and my wife found the core of the steak is not hot enough, is there any tips we can make the core hotter? (Steak size is around 1" and I did try to extend the cooking time to 50M - 55M before, but it doesn’t help much ), any advise here?

Are you cooking the steak from frozen or straight from the fridge?

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defrost already then cooking from room temperature

Warm plates! It will make all the difference in the world. If you increase the core temperature, you increase the doneness of the steak, which I don’t necessarily recommend. The carryover heat from the plate works perfect. As I’m plating, I grab a plate from a ~200F oven (carefully!) and plate right on that. It’s hot enough to keep the food warm, but not enough to cook it more.


Good idea, let me try at next time cooking