how to defrost

I’m trying to defrost a Denver steak. I set the temp to 40 degrees, 45 minutes. When I hit start, the temp defaults into the 80’s. What’s the secret?

Which model? I can set mine to 40 F, it’s a “precision cooker, wifi and bluetooth,” no timer function. Now maybe this is a clue, my sister has a nano, and she said the timer doesn’t start until the unit reaches the set point temperature, but she was heating. If all else fails, you can resort to an ice water bath, maybe not too much ice. What if you turned off the timer function?

Thanks for the reply. Mine is a Precision 3.0. It has a timer and temp setting on the top. I was setting it manually. I wasn’t planning on using wifi or bluetooth but I guess I can give that a try. I’ll post if that works later.Thanks again.

You’re just using it to circulate water in a cold or ice water bath, and running down the temperature setting to make sure it doesn’t heat the bath, correct? It seems there should be a way to do that with yours, mine’s a much older model.

Thanks for the reply. You are 100% correct. I’m not expecting a low temp setting to cool down the water. I could probably just thaw in a cold water bath, since I tried and failed with my Anova, but my OCD won’t let it go until I solve this. I’m still going to try with the WiFi/Bluetooth, but that might not be for a day or two. I’ll post the results ASAP. Hope I’m not sounding like a Dumbazz.
Thanks again