Foodsaver bags

Hi guys;

Just a quick question.
I’m thinking on buying the foodsaver so I can package and cook with the sous vide.

I went to the food saver website and it says to not cook raw food or meet in their bags.

This seems to be contrary to everything I’ve read about the sous vide.

Any thoughts would be great.

Everybody is avoiding lawsuits including me. Weigh the facts (not many) and the opinions (too darn many) and the fact that you and I are still alive while doing things that are possibly life threatening. Like staying indoors or going outdoors.

Thanks for the fast reply Helen.

I think I can read what you’re saying between the lines.

To be clear I’m not safe in or out of my house. So I’ve taken to living in an exterior wall with what looks like a family of squirrels.
I’ll let everyone know what sous vide squirrel tastes like tomorrow.

Seriously though, I’ll purchase the foodsaver knowing it’ll probably be that last thing to kill me. Haha


Too funny. True story. Several years ago I came home to find my apartment invaded by three squirrels. While not terrified they were a bit intimidating as they were racing around and leaping from place to place and stopping and making angry squirrelly noises as they went. I managed to chase them into the bedroom that they came in through and shut the door and they got mad and left. Squirells appear much bigger when viewed chitterling angrily  on top of the bookcase.


It’s true you should not cook raw food inside them.
But it’s also true saying we have been doing other things that could kill us, but then again one day if we find out one of us has cancer , I am sure they will blame something else and not the sous Viding we do. Haha but even though I LOL I am also right.