Freezer bag torn

Hi there

Got my anova last week and my 1st cook was steaks which turned out yum.
Last night I started to cook lamb shanks (following the temp recommendation from Joule App - 75C for 24hr).
I had bagged 2 shanks in one Hercules freezer bag. This morning, I found out that the bag had split at the side.
My questions: Is it safe to eat the lamb shanks? How do I give the anova a good clean to get rid of any grease (due to the leak in the bag)?


Hey! :slight_smile: @LayMeng

There’s an article on how to clean the cooker for situations like these here:

I’d also be aware of any bones that run the risk of puncturing your bags. Wrapping the ends of the bones w/ some parchment paper can help with this. Sorry for the late response! Did you end up eating the lamb shanks?