Anova "sitting" on the vacuum bag


I bought a big piece of meat (short ribs) and i’m plan is 12 hours @85 degrees Celsius.
The problem is that it is a really big piece of meat - so unlike normally when the Anova has it’s space, this time the piece spreads across all the container - the only way is to have the Anova “sit” on the meat which will be submerged at the bottom of the container, as in this picture:

Is it safe? Is there any chance for the vacuum bag to melt of the heat coming out from the Anova?


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I don’t see a problem with this, as long as you can keep the minimum water level for the Anova. You are certainly not going to melt anything. (That’s impossible while things are in water, because they cannot get hotter than 100 ºC while there is any water left.)

Maybe sit your container on something insulating, such as a wooden board. Even if there is little circulation around the bag from the bottom, the heat will make it’s way through in short order. If in doubt, add a bit of extra cooking time.


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+1 - no issues with the bag being impacted by proximity to the APC.

I would be concerned about circulation in that setup - you really want water circulating on all sides, surrounding your meat so you get an even cook throughout. That picture makes it look like the meat may almost be bigger than the bottom of your container? (that it’s curved up the side?)

Do you have a mesh grate underneath, holding the meat off the bottom so the water is circulating under the meat as well?


Why not cut it in sections and cook them that way?

As you said - the meat is almost bigger than the bottom of the container, which is why there will be some space left below it for water to circulate. I can add something underneath to make sure it doesn’t sit directly on the bottom, but the higher I elevate it, the less chance the Anova will have enough depth to work. Will check later today, thanks!

Cause it’s so much nicer having the whole cube served to the table:) If I have no other option that’s what i’ll do.

I wouldn’t get too upset about that. Convection will take care of it in short order.


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Try using a bigger water container so the meat fits in properly and So the circulator can work thru the water to best effect.