How big is too big?

Hello, new to Anova PC. Just was given this container: . (Rubbermaid Commercial FG632200CLR Space Saving Food Storage Container, 22 Quart, Clear) .

My main question is, is it okay if the Anova PC doesnt go all the way to the bottom? For example in this container since it is wide and tall the cooker is probably 5-6" from the bottom of the container. Is this okay for heating or will there be a cold spot in the container?

Hello Brett, your Main answer, - of course it is.

That’s the most significant benefit of using water as your cooking medium as compared to traditional cooking techniques. There’s no place to hide in a water bath.

Water conducts heat quickly and evenly. If you want to prove it to yourself just add a drop or two of food colouring to your water bath with Anova circulating and watch how quickly and completely the color disperses throughout your Rubbermaid container in a few seconds.

The only caution is to avoid tightly packing or stacking food bags against one another in the water bath. Without ample circulation there’s restricted cooking and you certainly don’t want that. Think of it as allowing your food to go for a swim.

Happy cooking.


Also with a larger container or even smaller ones it will shorten you precook warm up time significantly if you start out with hot tap water. From the tap it is normally around 120°F or 48.8 C.

Some of the same science that you read about in Baldwin’s work also applies to the hot water system in your home. To avoid bacteria growth it is generally recommended that the hot water tank be held at at least 130° F and the water mixed with cold at the tap to get 120°. Commercial applications may use even higher temperatures where people will not be putting their hands in the hot water. Many homeowners set their hot water heater lower to save on gas or electric. This can be very dangerous as your tank can become an incubator much like holding food outside the safe zone. Having the water at a higher temperature and a mixing valve at the faucet is the best way to go for safety. The mixing valve alos protects the elderly and children from scalding water.