Tall Cooking Vessel?

What is the maximum distance between the bottom of the anova unit and the bottom of the cooking vessel? I’m thinking to get a taller box for cooking but don’t know how well the anova can circulate water downswards (remember that the unit hangs off the top of the vessel)…what is the min/max/optimum distance between the bottom of the unit and the post. Assuming the overall water volume is within the limits.

As long as you’re within the limit for volume (about 22 litres) you should be fine. Why are you looking to go taller? (seems longer, but shallower are more useful for cooking multiple items).

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thanks for the response! I’m planning to go taller for some items because sometime I fill my vacuum bags taller for some things and realize afterwards that it doesn’t fit my regular small 12L box properly. It depends on what i’m cooking and having flexibility with my cooking container helps. I was just worried that the area at the bottom might not stay as warm as it needs to, but hopefully the circulation takes care of that. I just ordered the Rubbermaid 22L box and will see how that works out.

As long as the container can withstand the heat, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

There’s also a plethora of information over here if you haven’t seen it (things others have done):

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