Freezing preseasoned vaccum-sealed steak ok?

As above, will it will be good practice to season one batch of meats, vaccum-sealed and freezing them until later SV and searing when needed? Any downsides or upsides to the meat quality and texture? Thanks

Not really a whole lot of difference given how quickly things freeze. However, it does mean that you can cook straight from the freezer with things already seasoned.

Personally, I don’t find much difference between cooking seasoned or not seasoned, so I don’t bother.

Best suggestion is to try some comparisons and find out which works for you.

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I regularly freeze my cooks - I’ll season then bag my chicken, then freeze it. Its simple enough to just season, freeze, leave it be.

Next day, I’ll start the cooker on my way home then go freezer chicken -> pot -> eat in like 1.5 hrs with no effort.
Always works, always tasty.


I do that with roasts that I buy (normally buy steaks fresh - but if there was an insane sale, I’d be tempted to do the same).
I just season with salt and pepper - pre sous vide - if I want additional flavourings / spices, I normally add that pre-sear.

I think the biggest advantage (beyond the convenience of being able to drop it in the bath from the freezer) is that the grade of plastic with the freezer bags is much better than the supermarket cellophane. With vacuum sealing these in better packaging, you’ll have less freezer burn.

Also, I always throw them in the sink to thaw for at least 30 minutes before putting them in my sous vide rack and then kicking off the cook (you can’t get a tight grip on a frozen roast…you don’t want it “bobbing” in the water later on) :slight_smile:

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