Cooking frozen meat

Hi all,

I just got my Anova WiFi in and am eager to use it. While I KNOW that using fresh meat will always be better, I do keep a good amount of frozen meat handy. There’s only two of us in the house and with our busy schedules it’s often impossible to plan meals. So, we freeze meat instead of letting it go bad in the fridge. 

That said, I generally repack all of it with Food Saver bags (vacuumed and sealed). And I simply drop these in with Anova and add 30 minutes or so? 

One thing is that these are not seasoned or marinated. Should I unpack from the vacuum pack, season, and then ziplock water displacement?

Also, when vacuum packed, I put 3-4 chicken breasts or 2 steaks in the same bag. Can these cook together? Even if I unpack, they are often difficult to separate. 

Going forward, is it OK to season/salt meat, pack individually with Food Saver, then freeze? 

I am quite curious about “meals in a bag” that I can pre-prep this way, vacuum pack, freeze, then drop in to cook on a busy day.

Seasoning or marinating before freezing should not be a problem. I would not add salt though. I see no problem cooking several pieces in the same bag. When I do chicken breasts I normally add olive oil before sealing. If you search there is a thread here about it.