Has anyone made seitan using the Anova?

I’m transitioning to a mostly vegan diet and I’m learning about making meat analogs with seitan. There’s frequently a simmer in liquid step that needs to be done at a temperature just below boiling and then a marinate step. Has anyone tried using the Anova to combine those two steps?

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I have yet to experiment with seitan, but I am very interested in seeing everyone’s results with it. If you try it out, let us know how it comes out.

I think you are correct in your plan, If you make a thicker seitan dough and add your seasoning and some flavourful broth to the cooking bag you could do both cooking steps at the same time. Work backwards from the final texture you want in your finished product to adjust the amount of broth.

I’ve not made it, but think a temperature between 180F and 190F would result is an acceptable product and not too gelatinous. Getting the right length of time to cook is going to be your challenge. I’d be tempted to go longer than you think you need. Start with an hour. Cool gently and refrigerate overnight to let the cooked seitan set up.

Be sure to keep detailed notes on each recipe batch you make. The good thing about cooking seitan is that even your failures will be edible in some recipe.

Of course, the trick will be in packaging your dough with just the right amount of broth and as little air as possible. With a little practice in room temperature water it can be mastered. Don’t practice with your expensive dough, maybe use a potato and and some coloured water so you can see what’s happening.

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