Hello All, looking for a cambro lid in canada

Hello All,

Just ordered an anova Wifi a couple of days ago. Living in Toronto, Canada I am ripped off daily whenever I buy quality kitchen gear. can anyone in Canada recommend a lid for my 4.5 q cambro which has a hole for the anova?

Just order the cambro lid when you order the bin and get the Ryobi 2 1/2" one piece carbon hole saw from Home Depot and cut the hole yourself. (I’m in Kitchener, btw).
Very low pressure when cutting the hole (you don’t want to crack the polycarbonate) - let the weight of the drill do the work for you.

Here’s mine in action…the lid seals quite nicely - minimizing evaporation.

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Sweet thanks

What size container is that and where did you get it? I live in Kitchener as well.

I just picked up the 4.5 gal cambro container

I ordered from Staples and had them hold it for pick-up at the store (so you’re not charged shipping).

The bin: http://www.staples.ca/en/abc/product_1639752_1-CA_1_20001 ($37.08)
The lid: http://www.staples.ca/en/abc/product_1639754_1-CA_1_20001 ($13.48)

The hole saw was less than $10 at home depot.

Did you use coolant to prevent melting?

Are you sure it’s 3.5, not 2.5 inch?

Wouldn’t think any coolant for a hole saw on the lid would be needed, it’s probably only 1/8" thick.

Where did you read 3.5"? I wrote 2 1/2"

I just looked at the drill bit and then looked at the diameter and it looked a bit small but ok

Hmm. Does that mean you haven’t removed the casing from the bottom of your PC yet? (I remove mine after every cook and carefully brush off the elements and impeller with soapy water) - prevents hard water scale build up. Even with water softeners, you can get some build up - best to keep it clean.

See, once you’ve removed the lower casing, you could easily measure the diameter for yourself. :slight_smile:

Edit: See you only ordered it a week ago. When you do get it, you should familiarize yourself with removing that. If you hold the top of the PC with your left hand and your right hand is on the lower casing, you twist the lower towards your thumb (inwards). It can be a bit stiff the first time or two to remove.

Thanks for the tip, been so busy with night school and night shift work that I’ve only had time to take off the film off the screen

2.5 inch hole, drilled a test hole in wood
Drilled into the lexan in reverse to melt the plastic and cleaned up the cut with a dremel zip cut blade (which slipped and scratched the plastic. I then used a a sandpaper band at 2500 rpm to clean up the cut. The fit is almost perfect

Well, hope you’re happy with the result. :slight_smile: Me, I just cut it straight through without any issues.

I’m not sure you’ll be happy with that placement though - the reason that I put it in the corner was to maximize space for racks to hold the food. (a grill to keep everything off of the floor as well as a couple sous vide racks - one of which I use for cooking two full racks of ribs at a time).