Cutting Hole in Cambro Lid

Now have my Cambro 12 qt. container and lid. Want to cut a hole in the lid for my Anova to mount through.

I do not have a dremel tool.

Could I cut this with a proper size hole saw?


It should work if the teeth are fine enough. I would not try a wood keyhole saw. I would use a hacksaw if I had to make the cut manually. Hole saws that fit  in a drill would also work well.
When you try it make sure the lid is well supported underneath and I would outline the area  to be cut with duct tape.

@frjeff I used hole saw set from my local hardware chain that fit nicely to a cordless drill

With hard plastics, high speed and gentle pressure is the best result to avoid cracking - I would recommend applying masking tape over where you plan to drill a pilot hole, then gently ease the hole saw centre bit into the hole and then let the weight of the drill do the work instead of trying to push it through. Finish with some fine grit sandpaper for a smooth finish. 

Good luck, and please post pics of the result!