Nova side view scale drawing?

Is there a scale drawing anywhere I could use for scoping out containers? I’d like to cut out a template to check clamp clearance, but I cant find a drawing anywhere. Or if anybody has measurements, that would be cool. Wondering about clamp profile and min fill level line.

Use the search function here. There’s a LOT of posts about enclosures. If you’re talking about the first few revisions of the Anova Precision Cooker, the diameter of the shaft is 2 3/8" - so use 2 1/2" hole saw if you want a marginal gap to pad for easier insertion, 2 3/8" if you want the base material to be right against the APC.
If you don’t care about insulation, the Cambro polycarbonate containers are my favourite (as you can see what’s going on with your cook) - and the locking lid provides a very good seal, virtually eliminating evaporation for your longer cooks.