HELP! 137 DEGREES for thinner bone in pork chops?

HELP PLZ! Is it safe to eat pork that was sous vide at 137 degrees for 2 hrs? The chops are under an inch thick and bone in. Also, after they are done in the bath I was gonna put them in ice cold water for a few min. and then just leave them in the cook bag and put if fridge then grill a crust another day, will that work and how long once they have been sous vide can they sit in fridge safely? Thanks for anyone who can answer. I am also doing same thing with some T bones too… IF you think it is safe.
My freezer door was left open and now I need to prepare too much meat to eat for a meal. :confused:

Thanks again for answers.

Yes you should be safe. According to Baldwin’s pasteurization table for meat 2 hours is sufficient time to pasteurize meat that is an inch (25mm) thick. Note that chilling requires more than “a few min.”. For a 1 inch slab of meat Baldwin recommends 50 minutes.

Sorry to hear about your freezer mishap.

Thank you so much for your reply & the link to the past. table too, that will come in handy. The chops are thinner, but the T bones are very large and thick. Didn’t want to loose them 4 sure.

“. . . then grill a crust another day,”
Hold on!
Planning on a crust is planning to be disappointed.
This cat doesn’t understand the fascination with developing a crust on skinny little pieces of meat. Crust is developed over time in pit BBQ ccoking on large cuts of meat, - briskets and whole rib eyes for example.

You might as well be cooking your flip-flops if you plan to grill a crust on thin pork chops. All you should do is touch them to the grill after drying and seasoning.
Do the same with thin T-Bone steaks.

For good eating buy thicker meat that can be seared a little longer, cut or sliced, and served.

Well we did touch a few of the T bones last night, they were perfect! My intention for these particular pork chops was not to Sous Vide, it was to fry them, but then I had all these cuts of meats thaw (more then I listed, 1 of which is deer venison) and didn’t want them to go to waste. Thanks for the reply