High altitude adjustments for steam?

I have been baking at high altitude (about 5,200 feet above sea level) for years now and have found good ways to adjust for everything I bake. King Arthur and other resources offer ways to adjust based on elevation…but I can’t find any good resource which describes how to adjust when using a steam injection oven. I baked my first loaf of bread with 100% steam for the first 20 minutes and found it almost burnt when the timer went off. I was expecting it to brown very little while the steam was set to 100% and then to have to finish the bread off at 0% to get the browning i’m looking for. My first thought up here is always that altitude has messed me up again.

Do any of you have experience with baking with steam above 5000 feet?

I am in Denver and I have not had to adjust anything other than what I do for the standard oven. However, if you are not used to baking with convection, you should reduce your temp by about 25 degrees if you are using a standard recipe. I have been baking with convection for several years and always adjust the temp no matter what is in the oven. Convection ovens cook hotter/faster than non-convection due to better air circulation inside the box. With that said, all of the APO recipes I have tried for bread (sourdough anyway) takes up to 15 minutes longer after I shut off the steam to get the interior temp up over 202 degrees F.