Convection Bake 1st and followed by Steam, or vice versa???

I’ve tried several Toast recipes, calling for convection bake first and then with 100% steam for the second half cooking time.

I’m trying to UNDERSTAND the theory and the concept of dry bake first and then steam creating chewy yet crunchy texture…

Because I bake artisan sourdough bread, every recipe I use calls to Steam first and then finish without. I understand the theory of this artisan bake to get the oven spring and thin crust… etc.

  1. What about convection bake first and then steam in the toast recipes on the app?
  2. If I want to re-heat bagel or bread without making the crust too dry or too hard, can I use the same way as the toast recipe, namely first convection bake and then steam?? (neither my husband nor I like very crusty bread. Our teeth are not good), so I am trying to find a way to re-heat bread without hardening the bread, but not make them like steam bun either.