adjust temp when using combi-steam recipes?

I’ve managed to get myself totally confused. Please help! When using a recipe designed for a combi-steam oven, do I need to reduce the temperature by 25 degrees? For example, recipes at or
Thank you!

If you are using your Anova oven at the temperature and the appropriate steam setting as the recipe then it should be exactly as the recipe tells you BECAUSE the Anova Precision Oven is a “Combi” oven, which is an oven with steam. There are lots of different “combi” ovens and most are commercial grade ovens in the thousands. You have a combi steam equivalent in the precision oven.

Where you are likely getting confused is that the general rule of thumb of reducing the temperature by 25 degrees applies whenever you go from a regular oven (no fan) to convection (fan) without a steam function. If I’m baking cookies in a regular oven for 10 minutes at XXX degrees, I’m either going to reduce the temperature and bake for the same time, or keep the temperature and bake for a shorter time because convection is more efficient than the old school ovens.

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