How long can you hold cooked meat prior to finishing?

I am planning tailgate type a bbq and was wondering if anyone knew how long you could store cooked steaks etc in a refrigerator prior to finishing on a grill - 24hrs / 48 hrs - less ? Would you still need to rest it again ?

The traditional slow oven cooked prime rib recipe I have calls for a longer rest prior to browning but no resting after.

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odds are it will only need a quick rest after finishing since she’s already cooked.

test it with one first, and see how much liquid you get pouring out after a short rest.

Vacuum bagged SV will store for days in the refrigerator. Remember, it’s been pasteurized in that long cook and enzymes get really lazy down around 40F.

I’ve found that not much rest is needed after that finishing reheat/browning. And by not much, I mean, the time it takes to get it from the grill to a tray to inside on a carving board…

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THANKS-great news, I figured it would be ok. I’ve had a vacuum bagger for years and my friend always said get a sous vide… So far, very amazing result, but I always seem to finish in a day or 2.