Multi Roast Cook / When to drain?

Doing half a dozen picnic butts and a few briskets for a staff party this weekend. First picnics come out today at noon, recipe says Im fine to chill and store for a week (they go on the grill Saturday at noon), but Im not sure if I should drain or leave sealed in juices until grill time.

If it’s sealed then IMO you should keep it like that.
The cooking (should have) killed the bacteria. Keeping it sealed will not allow any more to enter so the meat has less chance to go off.

And I see no disadvantage to leave it in the juices. Unless you used some acidic marinade then it’s unlikely to change the texture especially if it’s kept refrigerated.

Definitely leave them sealed. They are pasteurised they will keep safely under refrigeration for an extended length of time.

That’s an industrial-sized amount of meat, i’m glad to know you are cooking them in batches. Your Anova cooker can manage up to 5 gallons of water.

Definitely leave them sealed after cooking and rapidly chill them in an ice water bath if at all possible. Use lots of ice. They will easily keep for a week.

You can enhance your sauces with a strained reduction of the meat juices. I’d do them a day ahead. The juices will be jellied in the bags so just scoop them off the meat. Return the meat to the refrigerator ASAP.

I hope you have ample help finishing and serving. I wish you all the success possible.