Having leftovers

Hi all, I’ve just started with sous vide and have a few questions

  1. After I cook a big chunk of meat. What do I do with the left over (i.e. opened the bag now) which I’d like to eat in the next days?
  2. Same as above but then for a later time perhaps in a week or so
  3. What do I do when I cook multiple bags of chicken or beef, which i’d like to freeze for consumption in the next days or weeks?
  1. Put it in the fridge, using either the opened bag, or a storage container over the next couple days as you consume what’s left over.
  2. I don’t recommend leaving opened cooked food in the fridge for more than a week. You might have better luck sectioning it off and freezing the leftovers in portions do you can thaw and consumer at your convenience.
  3. Put them in the freezer after they’ve cooled.

Guy, here’s what i do:

#1. Refrigerate in a sealed non-reactive container or in plastic film and you are good for up to 72 hours.

#2. If you leave meat in the unopened SV package and it was cooked at 131F or higher for long enough to Pasteurize it, then rapidly chill cooked product in ice water after cooking. Then you are able to hold it refrigerated for a week or so. Keep the meat in the coldest area of your refrigerator, usually at the back of the bottom shelf. Pasteurization times are temperature and thickness dependant. Please do the work to master SV cooking.

#3. Same as #2. Generally, the number of bags you cook has no impact on SV outcomes as long as they are time and temperature comparable and you have sufficient water circulation. That’s what commercial food services do.

For peace of mind you will probably want to freeze cooked products if you don’t plan to consume them in the short term.

Please remember to clearly date and label all stored food packages.

Leftover sous vide cooked foods are just the same as regular leftovers. Once the bag’s seal is broken it’s just cooked food. Treat it the same as you do other leftovers.

You certainly can although you might find the results more than somewhat personally distressing if not downright dangerous.

The current pandemic demonstrates the hazardous, - if not fatal, results of indulging in thoughtless practices.

Autolysis will still occur. Foodstuffs kept at over 140F long term may be free of bacteria, but bacteria is not the only cause of food going bad.

I’m sorry. What are not sous vide cooked? I don’t understand what you’re talking about. The initial post was talking about leftover sous vide prepared foodstuffs.

I read. And what I read had no reference to anything. What was not sous vide? What on earth are you talking about.

Yeah. Rotting food doesn’t taste real flash. Could be potentially fatal too.

Sure. Whatever you reckon. A forum dedicated to the exploration of sous vide processing probably isn’t the place for you.

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