How many day/hour the meet stay good after cooking ?

Hello, I was thinking to do some meal prep and my question is if I cook meat/chicken/fish with the sous vide, How many day they can bear in the fridge and after when I need it finishing in the pan or oven ? Thanks

I wouldn’t go more that 48 hours before serving or freezing.
Freezing preferably as soon as possible after cooking. Use of an ice bath recommended.

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Actually, if you’ve pasteurized the meat it can keep up to 10 days in the refrigerator, provided you don’t open the bag! (that’s very important!) You’ve effectively done what food processing companies have done, by killing any pathogens that may have been in/on the meat. (now, in the case of fish, as the cooking time is very low, you won’t be pasteurizing - you want to finish / consume the fish immediately following cooking it via sous vide (you could keep it in the fridge for a day or so after, but why?) :slight_smile:

Google Douglas Baldwin sous vide tables to get to what many of us refer to as the “sous vide bible”. Much good info there, including pasteurization tables.

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Thanks so much …