Cooking with sou vide

Can I cook sou vide and then freeze? Is this the technique the restaurants do? Precooked in sou vide and freeze or refrigerate to cook later? Please help me. Thank you.

Yes. No. I don’t understand the question.
In that order.
You’re welcome.

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If the food is pasteurised it will keep a long time under refrigeration provided your fridge is cold enough. At 3.5C/38.3F product that is pasteurised, shock chilled and refrigerated in its unopened bag will last 3 weeks as against the same product stored at 5C/41F which is only safe for 7 days. When stored below 2.5C/36.5F the storage life stetches out to 90 days.

So, it may not be necessary to freeze your food. Though I would recommend investment in a fridge thermometer or two.

Product can be frozen for longer storage.

Dami, Ember is correct, commercial foodservice facilities hold labeled and dated SV cooked products ideally in a dedicated refrigerator set slightly below the freezing point.

The freeze-thaw cycle is unnecessary and unfavourably affects your menu item quality.

Remember there are costs to lengthy food storage that include the cost of the money supporting your inventory and and the risk of potential losses due to power or equipment failure.