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hi ,
as a single person mostly of my food are sous vide wraped and frozen per portion ,do i have to unfrozed everyting before cooking.
once cooked how long does the food will preserve ,still being sous vide

J, you can cook from frozen according to thickness with additional time.

When cooked to Pasteurization, then immediately and thoroughly ice-bath chilled the safe length of refrigerated holding is highly temperature dependant. To be safe consider 10 days the maximum before requiring frozen storage. Always store SV cooked product in the unopened cooking package.

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Alternately, you can cook your food, then chill it in a water bath with ice. Once cold you can freeze it. When ready to eat, you can bring it back to temperature with the Anova or any other alternate method that you like.

I cook my hanger steaks in advance, freeze them. When I want one, I set my Anova, drop the steak in the water, usually, 30 minutes is plenty to bring it back to temperature. I then finish it in a hot pan…

Just write on the rim of the bag what’s in it using a Sharpie.


I also have so many questions like you. thanks for sharing.