Can I Go From Freezer to Sou-Vide directly?

I have been using the Food Saver for years, to vacuum seal steaks, chops, fish and boneless chicken breasts for the freezer.
Can I take these packages directly from the freezer to the preheated sous-vide tub, without defrosting first?
If so, do I have to extend the cooking times for these items?
How much more time will it take?

Yes. Extend the cooking time. For chicken breasts I’ve seen 30 minutes added as a pretty common time. I suppose it depends on how thick the item is you are defrosting/cooking.

@Mindflux‌ - thanks - came looking for precisely that kind of info. I also have a vac pack so nice to know I don’t have to wait around for thaw. :wink:

I also add about 30 minutes for chicken breast. I’ve double-checked this once by sticking a thermometer in there (I use the binder clip method) at about 20 minutes and it was almost to room temp, and several times since by feeling up the breast at various points to ensure that it feels sufficiently thawed on schedule.

“feeling up the breast” - Hmmmmmm!

As a general rule I add one hour for each inch of thickness of my frozen food.

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Chef Steps says take the recipes original cooking time and add 1/2 to it when starting from frozen.
1 hour cook time becomes 1 1/2 hours

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Sometimes I drop the freezer bag into the cold water, and let the food defrost, as the water warms to cooking temperature.I start the timer, when the water comes up to cooking temperature. I still add a half hour to the time.

M_HAND, for the sake of clarity, you add frozen product to the water as it heats and start the timer when the water temperature reaches the set point adding a half-hour.

I hope you don’t do that with large items. How do you know when the food is completely thawed?

That’s right. I only do this, for steaks, chops & chicken fillets (small items). Large items, like brisket or roasts, are cooked fresh, never frozen.
Thanx, for the clarification.