How many steaks could I cook at 1 time if I'm having people over for a dinner party?

Also would I be able to cook a whole pork butt or a whole brisket?

Depends on your container.

So what your telling me… if I use a large 18 qt cambro I would be able to cook 10 to 15 steaks? So I assume that as long as I can bring the water up to temp then it’s about however many I can get in?

I guess that also answers my ? about a whole brisket or pork butt. My wife originally bought me an 18qt round clear plastic bucket along with a $200 Amazon gift card which I used to buy the anova. I was going to take back the bucket since I already bought a 12 qt square cambro. So my final ?, do you know if the 18qt bucket could get up to temp or is it to much water?

The Anova is rated to work in 4-5 gallons or 15-19 L of water.  I have seen people go much larger using an insulated cooler.

Thanks for the feedback. ? Answered… I will keep the 18qt bucket and purchase a whole brisket. Now I need to find recipe for the whole brisket as well as finding lots of patients

> @evlmpire said:

So my final ?, do you know if the 18qt bucket could get up to temp or is it to much water?

I cook in a 4.75 gallon (19 quart) polycarconate Cambro container every day and my Anova PC works like a champ. If your container isn’t insulated you might want to put a clean towel underneath it to help hold in the heat (I keep mine on a towel on a stainless steel counter so I would lose a lot of heat without the towel). Many folks use cheap rectangular (plastic) beer coolers to cook larger cuts of meat so that is an option (2-1/2 inch circular drill bit at a local home improvement center for the hole).
Make sure the meat you are cooking is completely submerged and surrounded by water (you don’t want it to sit on the very bottom or against the sides or have anything close to the top where the temp will be too low) and you will be fine. I use a stainless steel accordian-style rack ($12 Ikea) to hold my steaks in place and a small rack across the bottom to make sure that nothing is touching the bottom and water can circulate around everthing. Make sure you get a good seal on the bag with those bigger cuts and if you smell anything other than deliciousness coming out of the bag when you open it discard the meat.

Awesome, thanks for the tips Snow

Polycarbonate is what I meant up there of course and you are very welcome. Best wishes.