12 to 15 steak cooking and cooler container

I’m bringing the A1 to the beach but I need to cook up to 15 filets at one time.  Can the A1 handle that task or should I break it up into smaller batches.  

I’m also looking for a how to on making a cooker container over just a big plastic bin since the water volume will be higher with 15 steaks in it. 


With that many steaks just make sure that there is room for the water to flow all around them. If they get to packed together it will be more like cooking a roast. If you meant cover over a big plastic bin use saran wrap. Also the loss from evaporation is not to great for the typically short steak cooking time. The units can handle about 5 gallons of water. Use hot tap water to greatly reduce the heating time for the water bath.


Do you think clipping the steaks to the bin wall is best or let them float around.  They will have a tendency to float in mass I would think. 


The most I have done at one time is 6 and I clipped them to the side. I generally do this and I do not have any experience letting them float around. The key thing is that the item being cooked is exposed to circulating water to ensure an even cook.

@mbaynard If your fillets are frozen and vacuum sealed they should not float. As @john.jcb has said, an improvised lid would help a lot with maintaining temperature and avoiding evaporation, @salisbury_sam has recommended aluminium foil over saran wrap / cling film for various reasons. In addition to those reasons it would be a good idea to keep sand out of the water bath! If you’re doing this often it would be worth investing in an insulated drinks cooler (“Esky”) and using a hole-saw to cut an Anova shaped hole in the lid. 

Are you finishing them on a barbecue?