How often do you change your water? Or do you treat it?

For my setup I have the 12 qt rubbermaid with cover that I’ve cut out for the circulator. I noticed that after several uses the water gets ever so slightly cloudy (not very much, but not entirely clear anymore). I assume from whatever was on the outside of the bag(s) even though they are not leaking. Do you change your water often? Or even so, there’s like 8 qt’s or more of water sitting there, do you treat it with a few drops of bleach or anything like that to keep things from growing in there.


I will normally change mine after 3-5 cooks more often if they are not close together. I use it to water plants. My main reason for changing is so the container can be put aaway. A tiny bit of bleach should keep it free of most bacteria.

@Micmb I actually do the same as, 3-5 cooks and maybe more if the water isn’t too gross. have you used bleach in the past?

I have put a couple of drops in; it does not take much

I never change my water. Every so often I harvest the green stuff that starts growing, it makes a nice side dish.

Sounds delicious Simon :stuck_out_tongue: